Electric Cars – Learn about the Top 5 Benefits!

Electric Cars

Learn about the Top 5 Benefits of Electric Cars!

Electric cars are increasing at a fast rate. This is to say that they form part of the new emerging trend. It is a huge decision and transition to switch from your engine-sound car to a silent one.

The reason why, we have put together the Top 5 Benefits of ‘Green Cars’ to aid in your decision of buying an electric car.

Government Subsidies and Tax Savings

Electric cars

The Government will reward you with subsidies for purchasing an electric car. Drivers receive special grants as a motivation to switch to ‘green cars’. With technological advancements, it has become more cost effective to drive an EV.

It is a step forward to being environmentally-conscious.

Cheaper Maintenance

Electric cars

An electric vehicle has less moving parts than petrol or diesel cars, there is little servicing to do. Hence, it does not require any expensive starter motors or radiators. Though battery electric vehicles do need replacement batteries once it’s wear out, it is around 8 years before you have to change the battery.

Less Pollution

An EV has zero exhaust emissions. If you use renewable energy to charge your car, you help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We all know how petrol and diesel cars pollute the environment with harmful noise and air pollution. EVs are quieter and more peaceful to drive.

Better Performance

electric cars

You will experience a smooth acceleration with your EV over long distances. Those cars are stronger and superior in terms of acceleration, torque and power.

Read about how Volkswagen and I.D.R broke the record for Electric Vehicles!

Be an Eco-friendly Driver

Nowadays, manufacturers are encouraged to use more Eco-friendly materials in those cars.

Green materials such as recycled water bottles, plastic bags, old car parts are used to build the interior and bodywork of Nissan Leaf.

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